Beauty Tips


Advantages of putting castor oil in your mascara

If you are a cosmos reader, you might already know that castor oil is a miraculous ingredient for your skin and hair care product – make […]
Reshaping Eyebrows

3 ways to fix your brows

Eyebrows are those facial features that express the emotions and determine the framework of your face. From active to resting and then shedding, eyebrows are restlessly […]

5 ways to make nails grow faster

Most of the women are extremely possessed with their long and strong nails. You can try different nail arts, wear nail paints, and try all other […]

Causes of split ends

There are not many people, who have not suffered split ends. You may look picture-perfect with your hair but up close, many people have split ends […]
Scissors Haircut

What does hot scissors cure for hair mean?

In the era of brushing coloring, and blow-drying facing problems like split ends are unavoidable. It is a pleasure to know about the new hairdressing service […]